Model Profile: Harold Adducci

Box 2801
Denver 1, Colo 


The old conception of a body builder as a conceited individual eternally wrapped up in himself and his muscles has pretty well been exploded as youths from all walks of life have taken up bodybuilding. But if any further proof of the fallacy of this view were needed, Harold Adducci could supply it. 

Harold is quiet, soft-spoken, interested in and considerate of others. Rather than flaunt his physical attributes, he tends to deprecate them. Instead of a high-styled muscle shirt he is likely to wear a voluminous sweatshirt. He has deliberately bypassed honors and acclaim his muscular development would entitle him to. 

For example, Harold's muscles are not only beautifully developed and very shapely, but they also possess extraordinary strength. In ordinary workouts he has often lifted poundages which would top all local weightlifting competition, and yet he has never entered a weightlifting meet. He has a punch like the kick of a mule, but he has ignored blandishments to enter the Golden Gloves and other boxing tournaments. He is a magnificent gymnast, but he has avoided AAU meets where he could almost surely carry off high honors. 

Harold Adducci by Don Whitman / Western Photography Guild

Harold Adducci by Don Whitman / Western Photography Guild

Nor does Harold avoid the limelight out of an exaggerated sense of modesty. He knows he has a good physique, and he likes bodybuilding and even posing for our cameras; but on the whole, awareness of his body occupies no greater share of his consciousness than it does that of the average teen-ager. 

Harold was born 19 years ago on September 9th at 9 p.m., and he weighed in at 9 pounds 9 ounces. The second of five children, Harold has an older sister and three younger brothers. Both of his parents are native Coloradans, but all of his grandparents were born in Italy. He uses the soft pronunciation of his name, Uh-doo!-see.

A product of the closely knit family life existing among those of Italian descent on Denver's north side, Harold was born across the street from Bryant-Webster grade school, and grew up and attended school in this same neighborhood. Despite his size as a baby, he showed no particular physical promise as a boy. He never got over 135 pounds until he was 15, and claims that his arms looked like toothpicks. And at that age he spent a perilous 16 days in a hospital with a siege of double pneumonia. 

Harold Adducci by Don Whitman / Western Photography Guild

Harold Adducci by Don Whitman / Western Photography Guild

After convalescing, Harold enrolled in North High School and seized his opportunity to go out for his favorite sport, gymnastics. His body responded immediately, and there came the glimmerings of the tremendously broad shoulders which so distinguish his physique today. A few weeks later he started out working with weights with his friend from around the corner, Paul LaBriola. Harold and Paul hit it off like ham and eggs, and they made immediate and noticeable gains. They were inspired and encouraged in their efforts by Jim Dardanis, whose fine physique gave authority to his friendly explanations and suggestions. When Jim showed Harold and Paul some of our pictures of him, their eyes bulged. He suggested they would also provide good model material, and our first word with Harold was a 'phone call from him one wintry day in which he told us of Jim's recommendation. This marked the happy beginning of Harold's modeling career. 

Harold transferred his workouts to Les Workman's gym, and between them and his gymnastics he had his hands full. Although difficult to persuade to enter physique contests, Harold went to Salt Lake City at Les's urging, and, as the youngest entrant in the contest, won second place and best arms in the Mr. Utah competition. Persuaded by his gym coach, Chet Hanlon, Harold entered the all-Denver and all-Colorado high school gym meets, and won the high bar event in both. 

Harold quit high school to go to work with only part of a year to go, but recently got his diploma at Denver's Opportunity School by passing an equivalency test. He is now exerting his muscles at a furniture manufacturing concern, where he has become an expert power tool operator. Before that he worked on warehouse construction, icing boxcar bunkers, and driving a taxicab and trucks.

Harold Adducci by Don Whitman / Western Photography Guild

Harold Adducci by Don Whitman / Western Photography Guild

Possessing curly black hair and deep brown eyes, at 5'10" and 178 pounds, Harold's outstanding physical features are his arms, back, and shoulders. His arms have been accurately taped at 17 ¼” cold and 18” warm. His heroic set of shoulders are an amazing 52" measured around, and his chest of 46" normal and 47" expanded flares from a tiny 29" waist. Other measurements include: neck 15 ¾ ", hips 36", thigh 23", calf 15", ankle 8", forearm 13", and wrist 7".

Although affable and personable, Harold is not a glad hander. He takes a while to decide whether he likes a person, but once he makes up his mind, he is not likely to change it. He is warm and all-out in his friendships; but if he doesn't like someone, he would just as soon have nothing at all to do with him. Harold has a quick sense of humor, and his wry comments lighten many a training session. 

In lifting, Harold has performed a military press of 235 pounds at a body weight of 170, and can bench press 350 pounds, performing repetitions with 275. Lying on the floor, he can press close to 500 pounds, a phenomenal illustration of strength for a youth weighing under 180. 

Harold Adducci with Paul Labriola by Don Whitman / Western Photography Guild

Harold Adducci with Paul Labriola by Don Whitman / Western Photography Guild

Harold likes movies, dancing, and occasionally seven eggs for breakfast. In music he favors progressive jazz and, for relaxation, classical recordings. He likes to sketch, and has many scrap books filled with his drawings. He spends much time souping up cars, and is a member of the misnamed "Rough Riders," one of many Denver hot rod clubs devoted to gentlemanly driving and assisting motorists in trouble. His other sports include football, baseball, basketball, and boxing. He is without a doubt a natural athlete. 

Because his muscular build is readily apparent despite the fact that he does not show it off, Harold is occasionally "chosen" by some one feeling his oats. Harold dislikes street fighting, but will not back away from such a situation. One or two quick punches on Harold's part ordinarily winds up the episode, and the trouble maker is sadder but wiser, with a jaw that's sore for weeks. 

In front of the camera, Harold is an exceedingly cooperative and responsive model. He quickly catches the "feel" of a pose, and his own artistic leanings provide many ideas for original and effective poses. Although rock with the texture of sandpaper, baked hot by summer sun, can make city feet sensitive in a hurry, Harold never tires, and is always ready for the next pose, whatever it may be. An exceedingly natural youth, without pretense, and filled with the warm joy of living, Harold provides authentic inspiration, not only to his brothers and the neighborhood kids, but also to all admirers of healthy, husky, handsome young manhood.

Andrew Dimler